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We are happy to announce some important changes at Peru Indiana Today. Kim Fields and Ben Hibbs are now the exclusive owners of Peru Indiana Today, LLC. Don and Tracy Swetnam have elected to sell their interest in Peru Indiana Today to Kim Fields and are no longer associated with the business.

We want to thank Don and Tracy for their efforts for Peru Indiana Today. They were an important part of our success until now and we will miss them as we move forward.

You can learn more about our staff below and thanks for reading Peru Indiana Today.

Our Owners:

Kim Fields and Ben Hibbs photo

Kim Fields and Ben Hibbs

Our Chief Executive Officer is Kim Fields. She has lived in Miami County for over ten years. Kim came to live in Peru after growing up in Canada and spending the majority of her life in Niagara Falls, ON. Kim is very artistic and an avid animal lover. She does everything from keeping track of our financial well-being to writing articles and taking photographs for the newspage. Kim is very committed to helping the community by bringing information and news to our readers at the click of a button.

Ben Hibbs is the Executive Secretary of Peru Indiana Today, LLC. He has lived in Miami County for over ten years. Ben spent the first years of his life in Niagara Falls, ON but is deeply rooted in the community having grown up here in Peru. During his high school career, Ben was very involved with the Drama Club and the Peru High School Swing Choir. He played Dr. Josiah Bartlett in Ole Olson’s 2016 production of “1776”. He is the voice for the younger generation of Peru and is committed to helping our community grow in a positive direction.

Advertising Sales Representative:

Clint Jones photo The newest member of the Peru Indiana Today family is Clint Jones who is our new Advertising Sales Representative. Clint was born and raised in Boone County, Indiana and relocated to Peru in 2015. Clint also works as a sound board operator at a local radio station. Clint will be talking with local businesses about how Peru Indiana Today can help them get the word out to the community about their businesses. Clint is a member and the current Junior Warden of the Peru-Miami Masonic Lodge. He is also an avid race fan and the track announcer for US 24 Speedway in Logansport. We are very pleased to welcome Clint to Peru Indiana Today!

Our Volunteer:

Rob Fields is our volunteer who helps moderate our Facebook and Twitter pages and provides support in whatever way he can. Rob grew up in Marion and has lived in Miami County for over fifteen years. He has a great desire to help the community and the people who live here. Rob was previously an employee of the Indiana Department of Correction and provided substance abuse counseling for over ten years to both adults and juveniles. We couldn’t do this without him!

About Peru Indiana Today:

Peru Indiana Today is a free online local news and weather page that was founded on June 7, 2017.

Our mission is to produce a quality community website that gives our readers local news, information and resources in an easy to read format that makes the experience of reading it a joy.

We base our publishing decisions on sound customer service and business practices and the understanding that our product is a vehicle to promote, uplift and improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.

We don’t just want to report the news, we want to highlight the positives of our community and focus on what makes Peru and Miami County a great place to live.

Peru Indiana Today LLC is 100% locally owned and operated. We are in no way affiliated with any other news outlet in Miami County. There are no investors other than Kim Fields and Ben Hibbs, our owners.

Peru Indiana Today is an online-only source for news and information that is absolutely free for our readers to enjoy. We are committed to bringing the community the news and information that they want.

Peru Indiana Today has a Facebook page that can be found HERE. We also have a Twitter Page HERE.