"In the 1940s, a young boy named Ralphie attempts to convince his parents, his teacher and Santa that a Red Ryder BB gun really is the perfect Christmas gift."

One of the classic movies I have to see every Christmas season is "A Christmas Story" from 1983.  I have seen it dozens of times, maybe even a hundred!  It is one of my favorites!  Why?  I really can't be sure, but I suspect that a lot of it has to do with the humor, which is simply amazing.  But also, like most other people, I relate to the childhood things that never really change throughout the generations.  Wanting something so bad, but being told you can't have it.  Dealing with bullies, and annoying siblings.  Getting the present you have been dreaming of, finally, on Christmas morning.  And of course, the most important thing, family.  This story takes place in the 1940s, but it is timeless...

One thing about Ole Olsen's performance of "A Christmas Story" written by Philip Grecian, is that you do not want to underestimate the play with the fact that you know this story from the classic film.  This production is fantastic.  To start with, yes, it is the same story we all love.  You will get a lot out of watching this play and get a better understanding of the actual story.  There are so many lines that totally fly past you in the movie, that you really don't take notice of, until you see this play.  The weird thing is, that many of the things missed in the movie, yes even after seeing it dozens of times, almost jump out at you in the play.  The direction of this play is impressive, there are small surprises here and there, as well as a few gems you won't get from the movie, and some creative stage management.  No spoils here though, go and see the play!

Tait Wagner is the director, and he brings a lot of exciting prospects to Peru.  First of all, how he wrangled such a gigantic cast, and a huge storyline is no small feat.  He did mention that he usually works with the Children's Theater, and that must have prepared him well for this task.  Tait also provided a few surprising facts about the cast.  First of all, one actor is in his 56th stage appearance, and several others are in their very first!   What a diverse cast.  There are quite a few children, and they are all so very talented, and the adult cast is just as great.  It is refreshing to see these favorite characters in a new way but maintaining the classic storyline that everyone loves.  This would be a perfect play to bring older children to since there are so many children in the cast, I am sure it will draw them into the story, while you introduce them to the art of theater.  

A Christmas Story Director Tait Wagner is Sponsored by Midwest Eye Consultants.  

Performance dates are Friday December 6 - 7:30 pm, Saturday December 7 - 7:30 pm, Sunday December 8 - 2:00 pm, Friday December 13 - 7:30 pm, Saturday December 14 - 7:30 pm, Sunday December 15 - 2:00 pm.

Get your tickets soon though, they are selling out quickly, a few days are already sold out!   It seems Kokomo citizens have discovered Ole Olsen and are starting to purchase tickets at a fast rate.  I was told a little known recent development though, Ole Olsen Theater now sells tickets online!   So you can go to www.oleolsen.org and with a credit card or debit card, you can purchase your tickets through PayPal.  Or you can call 765-472-3680 for more information.  Ole Olsen Memorial Theater is located at 154 S. Broadway, Peru, IN 46970; in the historic Peru Depot building.  


Ralph - John Kirk
Ralphie - Brayson Doyle
Randy - Nikolai Wagner
Old Man - Jeff Carnagua
Mom - Toni Betzner
Flick - Rylee Betzner
Schwartz - Eli Baumgart
Esther Jane - Elisa Carnagua
Helen - Maya Wagner
Miss Sheilds - Abby Gore
Scut Farkus - Nate Newman
Toady - Lily Peebles
Cowboy - Eve Uttinger
Santa's Elf - Kylie Betzner
Tree Lot Owner, Santa, Delivery Man - Todd Riddle
Desperado 1/School Kid/Singer - Bentley Robison
Desperado 2 - Eli Carnagua
Songstress/Restaurant Manager - Kilynn Wallace
Singer/Waitress - Makenna Johnson
Waitress - Lehna Wagner
Singer/Waitress - Deklyn Finnegan
Singer/Waitress/School Kid - Anna Lorenz
Bumpus Hound - Odessa Wagner
Bumpus Hound - Savannah Gore
Bumpus Hound - Eli Gore
School Kid/Mall Kid - Phoebe Carnagua
School Kid/Mall Kid - Chloe Carnagua


Director - Tait Wagner
Assistant Directors - Shannon Banter, Jordan Kenyan, & Stephanie Wagner
Stage Managers - Lehna Wagner, Maya Wagner, Deklan Finigan, Kilynn Wallace
Lights/Sound - StaphanieWagner, Ken Kemper
Set Construction - Rich Banter, Stephanie Wagner
Painting & Design - Sarah Luginbill
Radio Voice - Jordan Kenyan
Tickets - Peggy Brown
Programs & Publicity - Debby Myers
Hospitality - Stephanie Wagner
Special Thanks for props - Marion Civic Theater, Northwestern High School Drama Department, Peru YMCA, Jim Shelton, & Laura Julian