Arrest photo of Joseph Santana, 35, of Peru

Peru, IN – A Peru man is facing a charge of battery following a June 5th incident where Police were called to the 100 block of N. Clay Street on the report of a man lying in the middle of the road bleeding.

According to a PPD probable cause affidavit, Lt. James J. Ulery responded the call at approximately 9:30 p.m. on June 5th. A few moments later he learned that Officer Rushforth had detained a subject in a silver vehicle at the corner of Tippecanoe and 6th Streets. Upon arrival at that location, Ulery observed Rushforth placing a male subject under arrest for possession of methamphetamine. You can read about this arrest by clicking HERE.

A passenger in the silver SUV, whose name was redacted from the report by the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office, was observed by Ulery to have major injuries to his face and head.

When asked what had happened, the man stated that he had pulled over to text a couple of subjects and the next thing he knows there is a black male knocking on his window. According to the subject, the black male cussed him out and told him to go on down the road or he was going to shoot him according to the report.

The man stated that the black male tried to get into his vehicle, so he jumped out and was then reportedly hit in the head by something very hard. The man reported that he was dazed and that he grabbed the black male and was able to get him into a headlock. The black male then reportedly slammed him to the ground, landing on his head and shoulder.

The man reported that he was in an out of consciousness but recalled being punched in the face several more times.

The man was then seen by EMTs from Dukes Memorial Hospital while Lt. Ulery continued to investigate the incident.

Lt. Ulery, along with PPD Officer Tussey traveled back to the area of the initial call. They observed a large amount of blood on the road.

Officer Tussey met with Joseph A. Santana who resides in the same block where the incident took place. Upon arrival on the scene, Lt. Ulery noted that Santana matched the description of the suspect.

Lt. Ulery read Mr. Santana his Miranda warning and he agreed to talk with officers.

Mr. Santana advised that he was told about a suspicious vehicle parked out in front of his residence. Santana also told officers about the prior drug use in front of his residence. Santana went to the vehicle and leaned on the vehicle’s hood. He “bladed himself like he has a gun. Joseph advised that he wants the subject in the vehicle to think that he has a gun” according to the report.

Santana then asked the man in the vehicle if he knew anyone around here. Reportedly the man yelled at him advising that he lives over there. Santana then reportedly saw what he thought to be drug paraphernalia and so he told the male to leave.

Santana reports that the man kept reaching for something, so he ran to the driver’s side of the vehicle to see what the man was reaching for when the male subject got out of the car and the fight ensued.

Santana advised that he ended up picking the male subject straight up in the air and dropping him. He also stated that he thought he had killed him at first because of all the blood. Once the man started to moan, he grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him out of the road, so he didn’t get hit but left him there.

Santana reported that two subjects showed up in a red truck to assist with the male who was bleeding. Santana denied he punched or kicked the male subject.

Captain Feller interviewed the victim who was battered. He reported that he was dropping some items off at his girlfriend’s garage and was heading down the alley when he received a text message.

The male subject reported that he pulled over to send a text when a black male who police believe to be Joseph Santana started banging on his window. The man rolled down his window to explain that he was texting.

The victim advised that Santana later pulled out a black handgun and pointed it at him. He reported that Santana told him to leave the area or he was going to shoot him.

The man told Captain Feller that he told the black male that if he was going to shoot him he would have done it already.

The man then stated that the assailant opened the door to his vehicle. The victim then exited his vehicle and was hit two times but didn’t know what he was hit with. He advised the perpetrator was getting closer to him so he grabbed him and placed him in a headlock.

That is when the assailant “suplexed” him up in the air and threw him to the ground. Once on the ground, the man advised he was in and out of consciousness but recalled he was hit several more times.

Captain Feller later advised Lt. Ulery that the male victim suffered a right broken collarbone, stitches to his right eye, and staples to the back of his head after the altercation with Santana.

Based on the investigation, officers believe that Mr. Santana battered the victim more than he advised due to the injuries he suffered.

Joseph Santana, 35, of Peru was arrested by Peru Police Department on a charge of Battery.

All criminal suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.