Arrest photo of Talleigha Titus, 27 of Peru

BUNKER HILL, IN– Warden William Hyatte confirms that Correctional Officer Talleigha Titus was arrested at Miami Correctional Facility (MCF) on Friday, June 29th, 2018 for attempting to traffic with an offender.

The Division of Investigations and Intelligence (DII) at MCF received intelligence through J-Pay and phone communications that Titus had the intent to traffic narcotics to an offender housed at MCF. Titus was stopped at visitor processing by DII staff. She was interviewed, cooperated, and was found with 14 suboxone strips and white crystal substance which field tested positive for methamphetamine.

BUNKER HILL, IN – Miami Correctional Facility (MCF) Warden William Hyatte is pleased to announce the promotion of eleven correctional staff members.

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Arrest photos of Nyla Furlow and Blessing Darsha Stott

BUNKER HILL, IN– Warden William Hyatte confirms two female visitors were arrested at Miami Correctional Facility (MCF) on Thursday, May 24th, 2018 for conspiring to traffic with offenders.

The Division of Investigations and Intelligence at Miami Correctional received intelligence suspecting Nyla Furlow and Blessings Darsha Stott of trafficking narcotics to an offender during visitation. The contraband was confiscated by Investigations staff and field tested positive for heroin and methamphetamine. Additionally, 199 individual suboxone strips were also in the package.

BUNKER HILL, IN – Miami Correctional Facility (MCF) Warden William Hyatte is pleased to announce the promotion of seven correctional staff members.

ByrumRobin Byrum was recently promoted to Correctional Caseworker. Ms. Byrum began her career in the Department of Corrections in 1989 at the Logansport State Hospital. She worked there until 1993. In 2003, she hired in at Miami Correctional Facility as a Correctional Officer. She quickly promoted to Correctional Sergeant 18 months later. As a sergeant, she has worked grievance and dispatch. She then promoted to Lieutenant in 2013 and just recently transitioned to unit team. She also joined E-Squad (Emergency Squad) for a year. Her hobbies include camping and hanging out with friends.


BUNKER HILL, IN – The week of April 9th through April 13th, the Miami Correctional Facility PLUS (Purposeful Living Unit Serve) participants observed Victims’ Rights Week. This is a week that helps to celebrate the rights of victims and those that support victims. The PLUS offenders were tasked to create something meaningful to show the need of asking for forgiveness from their victims. “What forgiveness looks like to me” was the idea that helped form their project. The participants really took this assignment to heart and enjoyed completing it.

The participants wrote “forgiveness” cards to their victims. It was an opportunity to personally ask for forgiveness for their crimes. Also, they created cards for general forgiveness realizing the importance of the impact that is not seen on the surface. When asked, they explained that even though they may not have a specific victim in their case they know others were hurt. Family and friends were negatively affected also by their crimes. This project took strength and introspection.

Photo of Correctional Police Officer Matthew Bishir

BUNKER HILL, IN – Investigation and Intelligence Officer Matthew Bishir graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy 13th Tier II Class on March 16, 2018. Tier II is an 8-week condensed class for participates to have periodic arrest powers. This will be utilized at Miami Correctional Facility when trafficking situations occur or felonies are committed on Indiana Department of Corrections grounds.

Arrest Photo of Tracy Ellis, 44 of Kokomo

Bunker Hill, IN – Staff at the Miami Correctional Facility arrested a visitor with attempting to traffic drugs into the facility on Sunday, March 18th.

According to a Probable Cause Affidavit filed with the Miami County Prosecutor’s office, Correctional Police Officer T. Dice was assisting DOC Investigator C. Klepinger with an ongoing case on Sunday morning. The investigators had received information that Tracy Ellis, 44 of Kokomo, was bringing narcotics into the facility with the intent to deliver them to her husband who is an inmate.

According to the report, Officer Dice and Investigator Klepinger entered the visitation room at approximately 9:30 a.m. They ended Ms. Ellis’ visit, escorting her to an office for questioning. Her husband was escorted to a secure area and searched.

Photo of William “Bill” Hyatte, Warden at MCF

Indianapolis – According to the Indiana Department of Correction’s Facebook page, there is a new Warden at Miami Correctional Facility.

Effective immediately, William “Bill” Hyatte will assume the duties of Warden of Miami Correctional Facility.