Maconaquah Elementary third grade students Joel Loshnowsky (left) and Clare Baines (right) place their donations into collection box. Photo by Eric Stoff.

Maconaquah School Corporation students and staff have come together to donate items to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Maconaquah High School Special Education teacher, Libby Clem, reached out to Maconaquah staff for donations last week in the midst of Harvey’s devastation. Her husband, Shannon, used to teach near Houston, and they felt the need to fill their trailer with supplies and bring it to provide relief for victims.

Veterans stand in awe as a retired Vietnam Huey hovers over them before the start of Friday night’s game. Photo by Ani Weitzel, student journalist

Maconaquah High School honored veterans with a special pregame ceremony before the football team took on the Wabash Apaches.

During the ceremony, veterans were called down from the stands and were asked to line up on the south side of the field to be honored during the The Star Spangled Banner, performed by Maconaquah’s Marching Braves. When the band finished, American Huey 369, a non-profit organization based out of Grissom Air Reserve Base, awed the crowd with a fly-by of a helicopter that was often flown in the Vietnam War.

Mac School Logo

A new girls’ mentorship program at Maconaquah Elementary School is strengthening reading skills and self-esteem through hair styling.

Books and Braids was introduced to Mac El this year, and the program pairs students with educators for weekly one-on-one meetings. Mentors style their mentee’s hair while the mentee reads aloud.

Chris Percival photo

Maconaquah School Corporation’s administrative team welcomed a new-yet-familiar face in the 2017-18 school year. Chris Percival, previous Computer Systems Engineer and 2005 graduate of Maconaquah High School, was hired as the corporation’s Technology Director in June.

Jordan Edgington and Brandon Chance photo

Two Maconaquah High School seniors earned a certification that will open future doors for them in the world of technology.

Brandon Chance and Jordan Edgington became qualified as Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technicians (CCENT) this summer after passing the Cisco exam. The certification is industry-recognized, and both students studied in class, in extracurricular activities, and outside of class to prepare for the exam.

Photo of Mac Band Drive 4UR School Fundraiser

The Maconaquah High School Band partnered with Bob Schwartz Ford in Peru for the Ford Drive 4UR School program at the Maconaquah High School parking lot on Satruday.  The program began at 9:00 am and offered the general public to test drive a new Ford vehicle. Each test drive earned the Band a $20.00 donation from Bob Schwartz Ford.

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After 36 years in education, Maconaquah School Corporation Technology Director Judy Off says the essence of the profession is “relationships.”

“Every student just wants somebody to listen to them. They want to be heard, and they want a little bit of your time,” she said. “If you can give that to them, they will give anything back to you that you ask of them.”

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Maconaquah Elementary School staff members gave up the first day of their summer vacation last week to gain inspiration.

The staff heard from Damen Lopez, the founder of No Excuses University (NEU). NEU network includes like-minded schools that strive to instill the idea of college attainment in the mindset of its students. And it’s a network that Mac El has been tied to for more than two years.