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At approximately 12:40pm today, the Peru Police Department received third party information of a male who made a threat to do harm to students at Peru High School. The PPD immediately contacted Peru Community Schools (PCS) to request they put all schools on lock down.

PPD and the administration of PCS collectively checked the entire high school to ensure the safety of all the students. All other Peru Schools were notified to be on alert as well.

Law enforcement was able to confirm that the male, who had made the threat, had left Peru and was headed away from Peru and was two counties away.

At that point both law enforcement and school officials felt there was no immediate threat and the lock down was lifted.

We appreciate the team work between PPD and PCS. The timing of the lock down, and the timing of the caller put out to parents were both made at times to ensure the safety of all children.

PPD received calls from parents who were upset that they did not know about the threat and did not receive a call of it until afterward. PCS timing of the caller afterward, rather than during, was important to the safety of the children.