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Dear Editor:

Miami County Voters: As one of your candidates in the May 8th primary election for Miami County Sheriff, I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to campaign and meet the voters of Miami County.

Although I was not successful in my bid to be elected in the primary, I am thankful for the chance to meet many great people and share my thoughts. I would like to take this time to personally thank my committee members for their dedication, personal time commitment, and incredible efforts during my campaign. Also, thank you to all the people who voted, who listened to my ideas, and supported me during this process.

As we move forward into the general election, I want the voters to know that I respect and support your decision to elect Tim Hunter and wish him the best.


Rick Brown

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Dear Editor and Miami County Voters:

My Name is Rick Brown and I am one of the candidates for Miami County Sheriff.

After declaring my intentions to run for Sheriff I have had several media sources ask me for my thoughts and plans regarding community and law enforcement issues. I answered all questions to the best of my ability and it is my hope that the voters were satisfied with my answers.

I feel that it is equally important to understand the person who will ultimately be held accountable for the Sheriff’s Office along with your safety and your law enforcement needs.

I believe if you want to have an understanding of how someone will work in the future, is important to understand his past. I want to take just a few lines and let you know little about myself.

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Dear Editor:

Republican candidate Rick Brown is an outstanding candidate for Miami County Sheriff and this letter is written to share why I give him my full support and highest recommendation for your vote.

I feel it is important for me to share with the people of Miami County that Indiana State Troopers are forbidden from publicly supporting candidates in any election by department policy. State Troopers are allowed to run for political office but are only allowed to campaign on their own time.

While they cannot come out in support of Rick, I can. I am a retired Indiana State Police Trooper, current Peru Community Schools Police Officer and former Peru Police Officer. I have worked alongside all three law enforcement candidates and have firsthand experience that Rick is the most qualified candidate.

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As we began this campaign last year, a group of current and former Sheriff’s Department employees and friends sat around a large table and began to brainstorm about the upcoming Sheriff campaign. Towards the end of the meeting, nearly all began to tell stories about times when Tim Hunter had helped them in their career or personal lives. For those of you who know Tim, this will come as no surprise.

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I am writing this letter to let the citizens of Miami County know that Tim Hunter is the best and most experienced man for the job of Miami County Sheriff. Tim was the acting Sheriff after Sheriff Ken Roland became ill. Tim has held nearly every position in the Sheriff’s Department under many different administrations as well. With over 42 years of experience, Tim is the most experienced man running for Sheriff.

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This Letter to the Editor is written in response to ‘Miami County Issues’ that published in the Peru Tribune on Feb. 8th, 2018.

Dear Editor of Peru Indiana Today and readers of Miami County,

The authors of a recent opinion piece published in the Peru Tribune said several things about a local wind energy development that did not sit right with me. I support the idea of a fair dialogue around the issue, but I do not support the level of misinformation that I am seeing in our community.

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Dear Editor,

The Ability to Achieve Positive Change is Fundamentally Dependent upon the values and character of the Leader.

When looking into the years ahead, Jeff Sinkovics is the only Candidate for Prosecutor 2018, that makes sense. As someone who has demonstrated his character inside and outside of the courtroom over the years, it is no secret that Mr. Sinkovics is someone who is for the people. The Prosecutor position is one of Authority and Mr. Sinkovics has demonstrated his ability to be firm and to handle every kind of case from murder to sex crimes as well as drug offenses and theft. His position regarding addiction and drug offenses are a positive step towards helping Miami County combat the Drug Epidemic that has plagued our community.

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Dear Editor.

I researched the wind project scheduled to occur in Miami county. I changed my thoughts on wind energy through this and realized that wind farms are a permanent change, once here, nothing will ever be the same. I am afraid that we will end up being stuck with a horrible decision.

Cancel this project! Fulton county stopped the wind farm plans. The contracts have gag orders. If this wind farm is so great, then why do they need gag orders? The wind companies buy off politicians, like what has happened in Peru. They are building a wind farm clouding our skyline with megaliths that stand over 600 feet tall, and chase away wildlife and people. This project will be one of the worst things to happen to Miami County (and Peru!)